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Running insects

Flying insects

The cockroach trap is used to monitor the presence of the following species of running insects:
• Blatella germanica
• Blatella americana
• Blatta orientalis
• Shelfordella lateralis
• and other cockroaches
Depending on the type, traps can be used in the workplace as part of IPM or
in households. The traps are made of materials that protect them from the negative influence of factors that may occur in the place of exposure, specifically moisture. The traps have a rigid, stable construction. They can be placed on horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is recommended to avoid placing them in areas
With high dust levels, as this may accelerate deactivation of the adhesive surface responsible for trapping insects and thus shorten the effective time of trapping. Used under normal conditions, traps remain effective for up to 3 months and it is recommended to replace them monthly. The traps remain effective in a temperature range of 5–50°C.
Directions for use A single trap monitors the presence of insects in a limited area. The average area of trap operation is:- trap with attractant in tablet 12mm - 9m²- trap with attractant in tablet 8mm - 4m²- trap with glue attractant - 4m²
Storage Traps do not require special storage conditions. Trap versions made of cardboard should be protected from contact with moisture.
Safety rules The traps are safe products for humans, pets and the environment. Food attractant is a food substance and, if ingested, poses no threat to the health and life of humans or pets. It is advisable to store and set traps out of reach of children and pets.
Type of trap Large pagoda
Small pagoda

Monitor insert
Base dimensions 180x100mm 120x96mm 100x70mm 75x65mm 78.5x58.5mm
Decoy Food attractant in tablet/glue  Food attractant in tablet/glue  Food attractant in tablet/glue  Food attractant in tablet/glue  Food attractant in tablet/glue