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Clothes moth traps

Use the clothes moth trap to monitor the following flying insect species:
Tineola bisselliella – common clothes moth
Tinea pellionella – case-bearing clothes moth
Hofmannophila pseudospretella – brown clothes moth*
The traps contain a synthetic analog of natural insect pheromones responsible for attracting males of monitored insect species to the traps. Traps attract and capture butterflies, providing an opportunity to assess infestation levels. The traps can be used both during professional IPM procedures in supervised facilities and in household settings.
Directions for use The average area of effective monitoring of insect presence by the trap is:– 20m²Traps should be placed outside clothing storage areas unless there is adequate space inside such areas, e.g. closets with clothes, to ensure air circulation necessary for proper pheromone distribution. It is recommended to place traps on closets, on dressers, on the outside in the immediate vicinity of drawers, but already inside dressing rooms, i.e. places with more free space.
Storage Store traps in areas with a constant temperature of 25°C or lower.
Safety rules *the trap effectively attracts one of the insect species, which due to the possible damage that their larvae may cause should be classified as food moths.
Type of trap
Clothes moth trap



Material Cardboard box protected with PE
Decoy Pheromone identical to the natural one