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S-trap for bed bugs

European patent EP 2863737
community industrial design Nr 007847306

Directions for use A single trap monitors the presence of insects in a limited area. The average area of trap operation is: - 9m²
Storage Barrier pest strips used for room protection should be placed in passageways so that the ends of the strips adhere tightly to the vertical surfaces bounding the passageways (walls). To secure stored materials (e.g. on pallets), the strips should be placed around the protected goods.
Safety rules The traps are safe products for humans, pets and the environment. Food attractant is a food substance and, if ingested, poses no threat to the health and life of humans or pets. It is advisable to store and set traps out of reach of children and pets.
Silverfish trap without attractant
Purpose Barrier pest strips are to be protected from sunlight and temperatures above 30 C° during storage.
Type of trap


Cardboard silverfish trap


Cardboard silverfish trap


Material Plastic Carton Carton
Base dimensions 82x82mm
Decoy Food attractant in tablet Food attractant in tablet No attractant