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Barrier pest strips

Barrier test strips are used to protect stored goods or entire rooms against unwanted running insects.
Barrier pest strips can are available in the form of:
• Strips of specific length covered with an adhesive surface
• Adhesive tape on rolls
Barrier pest strips are generally adapted in length to standard door dimensions. They are made of plastic, which guarantees their resistance in contact with moisture. Barrier pest strips in rolls are made of appropriately protected siliconized paper. They come in the form of usable rolls of various lengths, usually 10-20 m.
Directions for use Barrier pest strips used for room protection should be placed in passageways so that the ends of the strips adhere tightly to the vertical surfaces bounding the passageways (walls). To secure stored materials (e.g. on pallets), the strips should be placed around the protected goods.
Storage Barrier pest strips are to be protected from sunlight and temperatures above 30 C° during storage.
Safety rules Keep barrier pest strips out of reach of children and pets.
Type of trap
Barrier pest strip


Barrier pest strip


Barrier tape


Barrier tape


Material Plastic Plastic Paper Paper
Base dimensions 1000x150mm 600x150mm 18mx0,3m 10mx0,15m