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S-trap for insect larvae

European patent EP 2863737 European patent EP 2863737 Community industrial design No. 007847306

The S-trap insect larvae trap is used to monitor the presence of larvae of the following insect species:
Anthrenus - larvae
Attagenus smirnovi – brown carpet beetle – larvae
Opilo domesticus - larva checkered beetle larvae
Staphylinidae larva – larvae
The S-trap is designed to operate in dusty air conditions. S-trap is based on solutions covered by the European Patent EP 2863737. The patent claims a number of special features of the trap designed to monitor particularly insect larvae in a variety of often unfavorable environmental conditions. The traps are made of materials that protect them from moisture. They have a rigid, stable construction. They can be placed on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Traps can be deployed in both dusty and humid areas. When used under normal conditions regardless of the location, they remain effective for up to 3 months with monthly replacement recommended.
The glue used in the S-trap is in liquid form, which enables it to absorb dust particles without affecting its effectiveness in trapping insects. The traps remain effective in a temperature range of 0-45° C.
Directions for use A single trap monitors the presence of insect larvae in a limited area. The average area of trap operation is: - 9m2 and, especially when monitoring for the presence of insect larvae, it is advisable to place the S-trap as close as possible to the areas being verified for their presence.
Storage Traps do not require special storage conditions. It is recommended to store the traps at a temperature not higher than 30°C.
Safety rules The traps are safe products for humans, pets and the environment. Food attractant is a food substance and, if ingested, poses no threat to the health and life of humans or pets. It is advisable to store and set trapsin places inaccessible to children and pets.
Type of trap


Material Plastic
Base dimensions 82x82mm
Decoy Food attractant in tablet