The beetle trap is used to monitor the presence of the following insect species:
Tribolium confusum – confused flour beetle
Sitophilus granarius – wheat weevil
Sitophilus oryzae – rice weevil
Oryzaephilus surinamensis – sawtoothed grain beetle
Stegobium paniceum – drugstore beetle
• and others 
T-traps are based on a solution that is the subject of European patent EP 2863737. The patent claims a number of specific features of a trap designed to monitor the presence of small beetles especially under conditions of high pollination. The traps are designed to trap small beetles, which enter them directly from the surface of the substrate without the need to overcome the elevation, which plays a key role in the case of, e.g., the confused flour beetle. The traps are provided with an adhesive surface formed from a liquid adhesive applied in the form of a convex meniscus. Such a form of applying the glue causes that the liquid glue, which can absorb large amounts of dust without losing its properties, is also mechanically resistant to transport conditions and operation in a wide temperature range of 0–450 C. The T-trap is easily accessible for small insects and at the same time resistant to dusty conditions, for example in mills, bakeries etc.
Directions for use The average area of successful monitoring of insect presence by the T-trap is: - 9m². For maximum effect, the T-trap should be placed on a smooth, even surface so that the entrances to the channels leading to the interior are adjacent to the ground. T-traps should be displayed in sturdy ground-mounted enclosures. Attaching traps to enclosures is due to the need to stabilize traps that, if moved, could cease to be attractive to insects such as the confused flour beetle. 
Storage Traps do not require special storage conditions. It is recommended to avoid storage at temperatures higher than 30°C.
Safety rules The traps are safe products for humans, pets and the environment. Food attractant is a food substance and, if ingested, poses no threat to the health and life of humans or pets. It is advisable to store and set traps out of reach of children and pets.
Type of trap


Material PET/PVC
Base dimensions 115×115
Decoy Food attractant in tablet