Welcome to the PANKO website

The company has been in existence since 1993. It manufactures insect repellents that do not contain insecticides. Our specialties include:

  • traps for monitoring the presence of storage pests, including insects and rodents
  • traps for monitoring the presence of pests in libraries and museums.
  • traps for monitoring the presence of crop pests
  • cartridges for insecticide lamps
  • scavenging feeders
  • pheromones and attractants in formulations
  • traps for controlling the chestnut gall wasp
  • traps for protection against horseflies

In creating traps we use unique (patented) design solutions that ensure the best effects of attracting and trapping pests.

Precision and repeatability of production guarantee satisfaction and appreciation from customers Today, we are the leading manufacturer of adhesive pest monitoring traps in Central Europe. Our traps are used in pest control, agriculture and horticulture. Retail versions can be purchased at retail chains and garden stores. We are systematically expanding our assortment in order to meet the current market demand. We export more than half of our production to customers around the world.


Our mission is to continue to produce effective, innovative traps. We want to set new directions for pest monitoring systems in the coming years. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our trade offer.