Purpose Traps for flying insects adapted to working conditions of UV lamps, i.e. long-lasting influence of high-energy UV A radiation and to lamps emitting green light used mainly in the protection of cultural heritage. Lamp inserts are made of different substrate materials and based on different adhesives depending on the specifics of their place of exposure – mainly temperature and humidity. Substrate Materials: - lacquered cardboard- lacquered cardboard- cardboard covered with PE foil- cardboard covered with foil- solid plastic (PS, HD PE, PP) - corex- PP hollow-corexand others. Lamp inserts are adapted to different shapes depending on the type of UV lamp and the type of substrate material and adhesive depending on the place of exposure.
Directions for use The cartridges are placed in the UV lamps and then replaced in cycles determined by the lamp specialists. The standard life of a lamp cartridge ranges from 1 to 3 months. The effective life of the cartridge is limited by the resistance to UV deactivation of the adhesive surface.
Storage The cartridges should be stored at a temperature not higher than 30°C.
Safety rules The traps are safe products for humans, pets and the environment. They are products designed for professional users. Keep them out of the reach of childrenand pets.
Type of trap
Material Multilayer carton
Base dimensions 420x230mm